Tenuta Tre Terre

Situated in the wine-growing region of Istria, Croatia, Tenuta Tre Terre graces the charming area of Momjan, renowned for its exquisite wine tastings, enchanting vineyards, and famous wineries. Tenuta Tre Terre stands as a hidden gem, offering a tranquil escape for those seeking relaxing venues for weddings, private events, and team-building activities. With its lush surroundings and captivating ambiance, Tenuta Tre Terre invites you to discover the perfect blend of serene landscapes and unparalleled hospitality for your memorable occasions.

Experience the exquisite blend of Croatian heritage and culinary artistry with NOTA vinegar, a premium Croatian product crafted in collaboration with SONDA marketing agency and renowned croatian singer and songwriter Tamara Obrovac. Enhance your dining experience with NOTA, which, like a beautiful melody, brings a distinct and delightful flavor to your dishes. Discover the essence of Croatian gastronomy with every drop of NOTA, where tradition meets creativity.

A magical place, where gastronomy meets the essence of Istria

Tenuta Tre Terre invites you on a flavorful journey through its estate, offering a unique tasting menu featuring our star product, Nota vinegar.

Enjoy the stunning surroundings with a glass of local wine or spirits at our charming bar, embracing the essence of this picturesque estate.

Take a peace of your experience with you and revive it with loved ones.

Exclusive destination and a picturesque estate available for the most important days!

Celebrate your love in the middle of a vineyard and create unique memories on your special day.” Immerse yourself in the charm of our estate.

Bring your team for a fun and educational day. Uplift teamwork and passion by enjoying in our inspirational natural oasis.

Be a part of our cheerful events celebreting nature and local poducts or host your exclusive events in the enchanting ambiance of Tenuta Tre Terre, where every moment becomes an unforgettable experience


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Tenuta Tre Terre is an estate in the small valley of Dragočevac, a village close to the municipality of Momjan. We are engaged in the production of vinegar, and we…