Tenuta Tre Terre

Nota Vinegar – Masterclass at the Weekend Food Festival

Nota Vinegar


We participated with our product Nota Vinegar in this year’s edition of the Weekend Food Festival in

Rovinj, Croatia, and held a masterclass in which the participants could experience our vinegar firsthand.


“Multisensory experience of native wine and balsamic vinegar Nota

Nota Vinegar, the world’s first vinegar whose flavor can be experienced even before tasting, creating a multisensory delight in an authentic Istrian product.

The unique blend of tradition and innovation, art and gastronomy, has produced a product for all the senses. Each bottle of Nota offers tactile, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory experiences to every user, thus becoming a true creator of hedonistic experiences.”


In addition to learning about the production and brand vision, participants had the opportunity to

experience Nota Vinegar in its different variations: Forte Nero annd Bianco and Andante, while enjoying

complimentary bites.

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